Pipette Doctor Netherlands

Pipette Doctor Netherlands

Welcome to Pipette Doctor Netherlands
Beyond fast delivery of high quality consumer products we also offer expert advice and technical service.
For all your orders and questions please call our Customer Service Hotline 0294-280590 or email info@labstox.com. Since our staff to process your orders, not only friendly and professional, they also like to share their broad knowledge with you in the form of suggestions and tips that are tailored to your practice.
LABstox allows you to make your pipettes to repair, maintain and calibrate.
The procedure is as follows:
1. You make the clean pipettes.
2. complete the decontamination form.
3. sends the pipettes up to LABstox, together with the form.
4. LABstox performs the requested actions. Is there a maximum amount specified for repair, it will first contact you.
5. LABstox sends back pipettes.
6. You will receive an invoice based on actual costs.
Following the founding principles of Pipette Doctor we calibrate, service and repair:
  • All Makes
  • All Models
  • All Volumes
to the very highest standards.


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Bovenkamp 9
1391 LA Abcoude
The Netherlands

Telephone + 31 (0) 294 280590
Fax + 31 (0) 294 284557

E-mail: info@labstox.com
Site: www.labstox.com