Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Opportunities

We are always looking for new countries in which to establish Pipette Doctor franchises or licensed operators. With operations now stretching from the Sub Sahara to Finland we are confident we can help you establish a successful pipette calibration, service and repair facility. With an increasing number of pipettes brands and various models the need to access a well developed knowledge base is essential.

Pipette doctor has knowledge on over 900 pipettes, stretching back over 30 years, from the original Gilson Pipetman and Finn "Black and Reds" right up the microprocessor controlled Biohit eLINES.

To become a good pipette service company is quite a daunting task. The following are only a few of the requirements
- Establishing a marketing platform (a dedicated website such as this in your native language) and targeting customers
- Acquiring technical expertise on hundreds of pipettes
- Accessing a broad spectrum of spares
- Buying the correct service equipment and bespoke software
- Advice or consultancy on accreditation

Pipette Doctor however can supply you with everything you require to set up and operate a successful pipette service and calibration operation.

With the support and training from Pipette Doctor Global you can offer an unparalleled level of service to your customers.

For more information and to receive your franchise pack please contact Antti.Lilleberg by email  use the contact form.




You may or may not see your flag listed above. We are constantly developing our partnership network of service facilities and can assist almost anybody world-wide to have their pipettes serviced.

If you are looking to develop this type of business and cannot see your flag listed above then please contact us today to find out more.

You too may be able to use the famous Pipette Doctor brand and receive support, enquiries and develop your own solid relationship with your own network of customers.